Chevron Amethyst Heart Silver Pendant

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Chevron Amethyst Heart Silver Pendant

✩✰★Intuitively selected from available stock★✰✩

Size approx  32mm x 27mm x 7mm

Weight approx 11gms

Amethyst comes in many different forms, Chevron Amethyst being one of the more striking formations, where white Quartz and Amethyst (which is essentially purple Quartz) have grown in v shaped layers together. This piece has been cut and shaped to showcase the beautiful layering. 

Amethyst Healing Properties

Astrological Association –  Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Chakra – Third Eye & Crown

General Properties – Decision making, business skills, encouragement, improves negotiation skills, moving forward with life, adapting to change and great for public speaking.

Emotional/Spiritual Healing Properties – Helps to clear negative or addictive patterns. Protection, emotional and physical balance, helps with OCD, anger and tension, calms the nerves and boosts self-esteem. Facilitates meditation, connecting with spirit, offers psychic protection.

Physical Healing Properties – Hearing, hormone issues, headaches/migraines, aids in detoxification, helps to overcome addictions, especially alcoholism.


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