Mixed Rutilated Quartz Bead Elastic Bracelet

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Mixed Rutilated Quartz Bead Elastic Bracelet

Size approx  10-11 mm beads, to fit wrist 60-70mm wide

Weight approx 35gms


Rutilated Quartz - Rutile in Quartz - Healing Properties

Astrological Association – All Star Signs

Chakra –Third Eye, Crown

Emotional/Spiritual Healing Properties – Brings balance and calm, clears blockages and encourages things to flow. Great for mental health issues, lifting the spirits, brightening the mood. Reduces negative feelings, a stone of joy and happiness. Protective against negative energies. 

Physical Healing Properties - Good for nervous system, tissues, and healing.


Rutilated Quartz has beautiful flashy fibres that makes it sing with joy. The way the fibres catch and disperse light brings to mind the ability to deflect shade that is thrown your way. Helping you to go with the flow, move forward but still be happy to reflect on the recent past and learn from it.

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