Rose Quartz Puffy Heart Mini

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Rose Quartz Mini Puffy Heart

✩✰★Intuitively selected from available stock★✰✩

Approx Weight 22gms

Approx Dimensions 30mm x 35mm x 10mm

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Astrological Association – Taurus, Libra

Chakra –Heart

Emotional/Spiritual Healing Properties – Self love and forgiveness, enhances love and relationships. Helpful for phobias, personal crisis, anger, tension, anxiety, inadequacy, jealousy - basically when you don't feel that you are enough, Rose Quartz is here to help you realise otherwise. Love yourself first, and the rest will fall into place.

Physical Healing Properties - Maintaining a youthful mindset, and heart and blood may be helped with regular contact with Rose Quartz. Reduces sexual frustration and helps to increase libido.

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