Caribbean Blue Calcite Polished Point

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Caribbean Blue Calcite Generator #1

Weight 195gms

Dimensions 87mm x 50mm x 35mm

A relatively new find, originating from Pakistan, this variety of Blue Calcite ranges in colour from dark teal to pale aqua and blue, with browns and sandy colours throughout. Named as it looks like where the sand meets the ocean, with colours of the carribean sea. 

Carribean Blue Calcite Healing Properties

Astrological Association – Cancer

Chakra – Throat Chakra

Emotional/Spiritual Healing Properties – Calming and restorative to the throat chakra. Connecting you to water energy, particularly the energies of the Ocean, helping you to cleanse the aura, and promote flow. Throat Chakra crystals help you to speak out, find your voice and communicate clearly. 

Physical Healing Properties - Useful when there are throat issues, and fluid imbalances, such as water retention. 

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