Fire Quartz Mini Sphere 10-13mm

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One (1) Fire Quartz Mini Sphere

*Intuitively selected for you, from available stock*

Sized between 10mm and 13mm

May also be referred to as Harlequin Quartz - This is an Iron/Hematite included variety of Quartz, and sometimes Lepidocrocite is present also. Without lab testing I cannot confirm the presence of Lepidocrocite, so prefer to assume all the red and markings you can see are iron based, in the form of hematite (red iron).


Fire Quartz Healing Properties

Astrological Association – Gemini

Chakra –Base

Emotional/Spiritual Healing Properties – Clarity of mind, especially when it comes to emotions, encouraging the healthy expression of them. Grounding and protective, particularly useful in anxiety and those who suffer panic attacks. Improves connections in friendships and relationships. 

Physical Healing Properties - Improves energy and a promotes a feeling of vitality. 

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