Included Quartz Polished Point

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Included Quartz - Quartz with mineral inclusions

Although this piece was sold as "Rutilated Quartz" there are some rutile crystals within, and other as well. For this reason, I am naming it Included Quartz.

There are green crystals within, likely to be Chlorite, red/orange patches most likely an iron based mineral, and little Rainbows all over.

Weight 107gm

Dimensions 52mm x 35mm x 40mm

Included Quartz Healing Properties

Astrological Association – Gemini, Taurus

Chakra –All

Emotional/Spiritual Healing Properties – Included Quartz crystals are all about being inclusive, understanding, great in transition, growth, pushing boundaries, personal development, balance and thriving on change. There is a strength and protective element also, provided by the stability of the quartz itself. 

Physical Healing Properties - Strength, especially in the bones and tissues. 


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