Clear Quartz Sphere with Rainbows

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Clear Quartz Sphere with Rainbows 

A very clear sphere, perfect for scrying or meditation. 

Weight 160gms

Dimensions 45mm

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Astrological Association – All

Chakra – All

Emotional/Spiritual Healing Properties – Amplifies the energies of the wearer and other crystals nearby. Helps to focus the mind especially in Meditation, reduces negative feelings and turns them into positivity. A feel better stone, that radiates happiness and joy, which transfers to the wearer, or people in its surroundings. Energises you and other crystals, so always a go-to crystal when you need a pick me up!

Physical Healing Properties - Reduces pain and discomfort, headaches, can help with general malaise, and acts as a pick me up when feeling low in energy.


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