Dendritic Golden Healer Quartz Freeform

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Dendritic Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Freeform

Weight 149gms 

Dimensions 64mm x 43mm x 40mm

Golden Healer Quartz Healing Properties

Astrological Association – All

Chakra –All

Emotional/Spiritual Healing Properties – Facilitates in shifting energy, clearing chakras, and emotional healing. Allows you to work through blocks that may be causing unhealthy patterns of addiction. Releases you from past hurts and fears, removes self-judgement, and attracts abundance and prosperity. Carrying this stone and wearing it close, can help to bring about a reset and reboot, and will then clear the path for you to move forward into positivity and self- imposed happiness. 

Physical Healing Properties - helps with the flow of fluids to is beneficial to the immune system. 

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